Facilitated Conversations

A facilitated discussion can often resolve a dispute before it develops into a more serious conflict

Ideal for resolving the issues arising following lockdown


  • An effective informal option
  • Use for 2 party disputes and group conflicts
  • Addresses an issue quickly
  • The parties take responsibility for finding a solution


More Benefits

  • No-blame approach with the focus on resolution
  • Uses mediation techniques
  • Low cost
  • Saves HR and other resources
  • Allows the parties to move on

What is a Facilitated Conversation?


Sometimes people just need a little help to move past a dispute that is getting in the way of a good working relationship or productivity.  So often these disputes arise from a misunderstanding or misperception.  A facilitated conversation gives the parties an opportunity to sit down with a third party, as the facilitator, in an informal meeting and talk through the issues and agree a way forward.  It uses the mediation skills and techniques but is usually completed in a shorter period of time.  It is particularly suitable for disputes that have recently arisen. 


Interested in finding out more or in training your managers to hold facilitated conversations? Online options now available


Please do get in contact.  Training workshops available or we can advise you on whether a facilitated conversation might be the best solution for your issue.


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