Coaching - We are  offer online and in-person virtual coaching sessions

A person who has been in conflict, particularly conflict which has been unresolved for a period of time, often finds that their self confidence and motivation are affected and this often reflects in their performance.


A few hours of coaching can rebuild self-confidence and return the person to their peak performance. Mediation in the Workplace offers a unique coaching combination: a professional coach with in-depth knowledge of workplace conflict issues.

When coaching may help

Here are some examples of situations where coaching may help:

  • Senior executives who want to adapt their leadership style to one which is less likely to cause unnecessary conflict
  • Employees who have previously been in conflict but need to find a way to move on and work together
  • Employees who have been harassed or bullied' and need to rebuild their confidence

Happy Clients!


'After meeting up with Sarah for probably the last time I just want to thank you for the incredible difference you have made to both me and my family. It is only by looking back that I realise how much I owe you – and I am so very, very grateful.'   Coaching Client 


'You have no idea the backlog of paperwork and to do’s I have cleared in the last couple of days!  You are amazing – thank you.'  Coaching Client















































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