Conflict Coaching

Helping individuals to address a difficult conflict situation; overcome a challenging working relationship; or create longer term positive behavioural change when managing disputes


What is Conflict Coaching?

Conflict Coaching is a voluntary and confidential process that combines ADR and coaching principles, to assist an individual who wants to address a particular conflict and/or develop their skills when managing conflict.  It focuses on helping the individual to manage the emotion that conflict causes and explore possible effective solutions.


When to use Conflict Coaching

  • Stand alone ADR option
  • Before a conflict escalates
  • Pre Mediation
  • Post Mediation
  • One party does not want to engage in resolving a conflict


What is involved?

  • 1:1 sessions with a Conflict Coach
  • Defining the goal(s) for the sessions
  • Exploring the conflict
  • Assessing the options
  • Confirming the actions


The Benefits of using Conflict Coaching

  • Prevents disputes from escalating
  • Prepares staff for difficult conversations
  • Empowers leaders/managers
  • Raises self-awareness
  • Builds resilience

Do you want to use Conflict Coaching in your organization?

Book conflict coaching as a one-off session or as a series of sessions that can be used as needed - get in contact to discuss what would best meet your needs.



'I just wanted to thank you for an immensely helpful and insightful session on Friday. I think I walked away from it with insights that could potentially transform the way I deal with people'. Coaching client


'This is to thank you for an enlightening and very helpful session yesterday. You have helped me crystallise the problem areas and have set me on the path to remedial actions. Thank you for your help and wise counsel.' Coaching Client


Interested in Conflict Coaching Training?


Learn how to use the skills and techniques in your wokrplace - in-house and public programmes available

































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