Mediation - online & in-person options now available

Mediation is now a well recognised way of resolving conflict 

Mediation Benefits

  • It brings parties together - as soon as possible
  • It encourages the parties to take reponsibility to find and agree their own solutions
  • It substantially reduces the real and hidden costs of disputes

More Benefits

  • It resolves most disputes quickly and effectively
  • It rebuilds working relationships
  • it helps organisations to retain valuable staff
  • It reduces stress and sickness absence

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a confidential, voluntary and informal way of resolving disputes using an independent third party to assist the parties to examine the causes behind their conflict and find a joint resolution

Watch a live mediation


Sarah Crayford Brown demonstrates what might happen in a workplace mediation with the help of professional actors.


Why mediate? 


  • Mediation works - In over 90% of our cases the issues are resolved fully or there is partial resolution. 
  • Timely - The majority of our 2 party mediations are resolved in a single working day and within a few days or weeks of the initial call to us. 
  • We are cost effective - We reduce or eliminates the hidden and real costs of unresolved conflict including: lost productivity; managers and staff time spent on formal grievance and disciplinary procedures; sickness absence and Employment Tribunals and their associated costs

Interested in qualifying as a Workplace Mediator?

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Online Mediation Training

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New programme dates

6 day programmes

1st/2nd/3rd & 8th/9th/10th

August 2023

UEL Stratford London


21st/22nd/23rd & 28th/29th/30th November 2023

Heywood House, Westbury, Wiltshire


2 day programmes

1st & 2nd August 2023

UEL Stratford London


21st & 22nd November 2023

Heywood House Westbury Wiltshire


Full & Introductory Programmes

£750 (Introductory)  & £1,595 (Full)  

Conflict Coaching

Watch a Mediation Unfold...

Working with The University of East London Sarah produced a film that demonstrates what happens in mediation. Click the picture below to view the film.




Awarding Body 


"The delivery and the assessment of the course were exemplary.”


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