We recognise some disputes cannot be resolved through mediation: either because the parties do not agree to mediation or because the nature of the dispute requires a formal investigation.

At Mediation in the Workplace we offer a professional workplace investigation service into:

  • Allegations of harassment, bullying or discrimination
  • Allegations of serious or gross misconduct
  • Allegations or complaints from customers or clients
  • An independent investigation where it is required as part of the internal disciplinary or grievance procedures

How we investigate

Our investigation is carried out with meticulous planning and detail. the key stages of the investigation can be summarised as follows:

  • agree the investigation structure
  • preparation
  • interviews with witnesses
  • assessing the evidence
  • preparing the final report

The evidence is carefully analysed to determine its relevance and strength – for example whether it is corroborated.

The final report

Written in clear and unequivocal language with a thorough and detailed analysis of the evidence and clear and unambiguous findings and recommendations.


Full debrief and feedback session with the commissioning party, if required.

Frequently asked questions

How long does an investigation take?

There is no set time period as each investigation is different and the timescale depends on the nature of the investigation and the number of parties and witnesses. We recognise that an investigation is stressful and difficult for the parties involved and we will agree a challenging and realistic timetable for delivery.

How much does an investigation cost?

The cost of an investigation depends on the number of witnesses and documents as these impact on the time it takes to investigate and deliver the final report and debrief. We will provide you with a clear breakdown of costs following the initial briefing.

Why use Mediation in the Workplace for your investigation?

Our investigator, Sarah Crayford Brown, trained as a barrister and has over 20 years experience of questioning witnesses; analysing evidence and preparing clear and well reasoned reports on legal issues combined with practical experience of conducting HR investigations in a large government organisation.  As an independent investigator, Sarah has worked for a variety of organisations and on a wide range of issues. Sarah has undergone ACAS workplace investigation training.

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