Schools and Peer Mediation

Peer mediation provides a crucial opportunity to teach our children and young people about workplace conflict using collaboration and understanding.

What is Peer Mediation?

Peer mediation is a process for resolving disputes or conflict with the school using students who have been trained as peer mediators.  The children or young people involved in the conflict are helped to agree how they want to resolve their conflict and this is achieved through the assistance of the peer mediators.


If you think this might be right for your school and would like to find out more please contact Sarah Crayford Brown by e-mail or phone her on 07932 150453

School Workshops

Are you looking for an original idea for training or workshop? Sarah Crayford Brown is an accomplished speaker and is available to talk to children and young people or to run workshops based around the following subjects:

Most Popular Workshops

Guilty or not guilty - mock trial 

Bring the courtroom into your classroom and let the pupils act out a trial before a jury of peers.



Stop fighting and start listening

Help your pupils look at conflict from a different angle and see how the mediation skills can be used in everyday life.



How to turn rejection into success 

Help your students to understand what happens when we succeed or fail and how this impacts on our future actions.




The workshop was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all pupils. It gave pupils the opportunity to explore moral issues, gain a greater understanding of the British Legal System and work collaboratively to produce a high quality final product.


As an English teacher, the workshop provided the perfect opportunity to asses my year 10 class for the Speaking and Listening element of the AQA GCSE. All pupils participate in group work; have an opportunity to explore and analyse case studies and perform a drama-focused activity. The involvement of the whole class created a rich and interactive environment in which all learners were contributing. Even the least confident of pupils got excited and involved.

A real highlight was the performance of the mock trial to an audience of other year 10 pupils in the afternoon. I highly recommend this workshop!'

Kathryn Conway - Notre Dame School – Southwark

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Online Mediation Training

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21st & 22nd November 2023

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Conflict Coaching

Watch a Mediation Unfold...

Working with The University of East London Sarah produced a film that demonstrates what happens in mediation. Click the picture below to view the film.




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