6 Day Programme - Certificate in Mediation Theory and Practice



24th / 25th April; 9th / 10th June; & 16th / 17th June 2017

The Deer Park Country House Hotel, near Honiton, Devon EX14 3PG


6th / 7th / 8th June & 20th / 21st / 22nd June 2017

University of East London, Stratford, London




  • Reputation  Over 20 Mediation Programmes delivered in the last few years                                 
  • Specialised – The programme focusses on workplace mediation
  • Expertise – Tutors are all widely experienced practising workplace mediators
  • Innovative – We use trained actors to enhance the learning and realism
  • Bespoke – Learners limited to 12 delegates to ensure that there is individual attention and assessment
  • Best value – The cost is highly competitive and includes after course support

Outline of the programme

Day 1

Introductions and an induction to the qualification and the programme

Conflict – understanding the theory and the psychology

Mediation – understanding the process and watch a mediation demonstrated by the tutor and actors

Exploring the key skills required to mediate

Examining where mediation fits within the modern workplace

Exploring the pros and cons of mediation?

How to help individuals and organisations to understand and use mediation

Day 2

Mediation – exploring the different types of mediation available

The mediator’s role and a useful structure for mediation


Practical – Delegates have a go at their first mediation as co-mediators

Managing concerns and challenges

Exploring what a good outcome to mediation might be

Day 3

Conflict strategies – looking at what causes it and what gets in the way of us resolving it.

Mediation – moving to solo mediation

Practical tips and techniques for carrying out mediation effectively

Understanding how to adapt your approach to each individual party’s needs and behaviour

Practical – Delegates have a go at their first solo mediation

Day 4

Practical – Delegates finish their first solo mediation

Building your toolkit of practical skills and techniques

Mediation agreements - exploring the options

Transformative mediation – how to achieve long term behaviour change

Day 5

Prejudice, Equality and Diversity – managing yourself and others during mediation

Managing high conflict

Practical - Assessment - solo mediation

Using mediation skills in the workplace – what are the options and why it can be so powerful

Day 6

Practical – Assessed solo mediations concluded

Adopting a strategy and managing the practicalities of setting up and closing mediation

Internal mediator v external mediator – exploring the positive and challenges of each

The written portfolio – managing concerns and discussing expectations

What next and how to make the best use of your new skills

“I would strong recommend this excellent course, which was very thorough and well planned, and resulted in highly rewarding personal development in the various aspects of mediation.”

Guy Price - Delegate

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