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We offer a bespoke training service on all conflict related issues and will work with you to make the training relevant to your particular company's needs. Some suggestions for training sessions include:

Why use Mediation in the Workplace?

All off the training is designed and delivered by Sarah Crayford Brown, drawing on her experience as a practicing workplcae mediator for 10 years; as a lawyer;  as a manager for 18 years; and as a trainer wil 20 years experience. See what the clients say.

Nationally Recognised Qualifications in Mediation

These are available as in-house or public programmes.  The programmes have been designed to provide delegates with a prcatical programme that ensures that they leave with the skills and confidence to go and make immediate use of mediation in their teams and wider organisations. Mediation in the Workplace Ltd is proud to be a recognised centre with OCN London for the delivery of the national mediation qualifications.

Testimonial from a delegate

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and now feel I not only have the skills necessary to act as a mediator within my workplace, but also if I were to set up independently and provide either paid or voluntary mediation services. The course is engaging and well delivered, with Sarah and John adept at understanding individual learning needs whilst offering vast experience as experienced mediators themselves. I now feel that I have a good understanding of the causes of conflict, the different types and styles of mediation and the skills required as a mediator, to get involved and help resolve workplace conflict.'   Philip Pyle, NSCP 

Other conflict training available including:

An Introduction to Mediation

.Equip your managers with the confidence to use mediation skills in their teams - also available as a 1 day workshop or as an in-house programme with or without accrediation.

Positive people skills for managers

The importance of good people skills for managers have long been recognised as research shows that over 40% of staff leave their jobs due to bad management.

Entrenched Conflict  - advanced skills

Equip your managers with the skills to help team members who get into entrenched conflict and the tools to prevent disputes with others becoming entrenched.


Conflict Costs!  - what you can do

Ensure your managers understand the real cost of unresolved conflicts and what to do about them.



More details

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Positive People Skills- One Day Workshop[...]
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New Training Dates

6 day programme at Whitley Near Bath 

3rd/4th - 10th/11th - 17th/18th February 2020

2 day programme at Whitley Near Bath 

9th and 10th December 2019

3rd and 4th February 2020

Watch a Mediation Unfold...

'Working with The University of East London Sarah produced a film that helps to understand what  happens in mediation.


Awarding Body 


"The delivery and the assessment of the course  were exemplary.”


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